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   The advent of cell phones and PDAs with operating systems and Internet access allowed Englobe, through its partnership with Eprocessing, the first mainstream payment gateway to offer mobile wireless transaction processing at swiped rates, to introduce ePNMobile back in the Fall of 2000 with a clip-on MagStripe Reader for the Palm® Pilot VIIx. ePNMobile has since evolved to support more cell phones, more PDAs, more carriers and more MagStripe Reader/Printer hardware than all our competitors combined.

Today, we offers two different types of Mobile Processing Solutions, and as with all services available through Englobe, merchants can mix-and-match any combination of solutions through a single merchant account.

Mobile Processing Solutions available through Englobe, can generally be classified as one of the following types:

   Dedicated Wireless Terminals - devices manufactured specifically to allow merchants the freedom to “cut the wires” and process transactions freely. These devices are committed to a specific network and carrier (CDMA, GPRS, etc.) and offer good coverage. They differ in size and functionality, but all offer the ability to accept swiped transactions with a magstripe reader and to print a receipt. Any of these devices can be added to an Englobe, merchant account which provides full reporting on all activity.

  Merchant-Owned Cell Phones/PDAs - Merchants that own Java® ME (J2ME) compatible cell phones and/or PDAs with Web-capability can install ePNMobile to their device from within the Englobe, Merchant Support Center. This solution requires a minimum of technical-savvy, but has proven to be the ultimate solution not only for merchants who do not want to carry multiple devices, but also for fleets who need centralized control and reporting of the processing through their devices.



                        Nextel I88 System                      Hypercom M4100                              Nurit 8000



          MobileScape 5000                Way System                                               Mobile Scape 3000





     Nurit 3010                                   Nextel I355 System                 Verifone XV610





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