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Hypercom T7plus

     The T7Plus is a remarkable POS solution that offers high performance and speed in a compact design. The legendary one-touch functionality simplifies operation and reduces training time by placing common functions at the push of a button. The SureLoad™ printer virtually eliminates helpdesk calls with its simple drop-in loading design. The T7Plus features an extensive, proven library of software making it a simple, full-featured and reliable POS solution with a low cost of ownership.



Hypercom ICE5500 Plus

   The Hypercom ICE family of products expands the capabilities of the typical POS device to improve efficiencies. The large, backlit, graphics-capable touch screen enables merchants to take advantage of the benefits and cost savings of electronic receipt and signature capture as well as full graphic marketing on the POS screen without expensive upgrades. The ICE 5500Plus design allows either the merchant or customer to initiate the transaction and has an extensive, proven software library to make the device a simple, full-featured and reliable POS solution with a low cost of ownership



Hypercom ICE 5700

The Hypercom® ICETM 5700Plus delivers check reading and processing in one easy-to-use, space-saving POS terminal. It supports dial-up connection to multiple check processors, performs verification against negative files or check guarantee and obtains positive online authorization. Optional check truncation converts an expensive paper-based process into a cost-saving electronic transaction. The ICE 5700Plus has a very high success rate of reading checks, even when checks are damaged.




Hypercom T7P

The T7P is designed for upgrading authorization-only equipment and for merchants moving to data capture and debit applications. It features an integrated modular impact or quiet thermal printer. Great for gas stations, grocery store etc.






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Hypercom T7plus 19Key

The Hypercom® T7Plus builds on the heritage of Hypercom’s popular T7 family of terminals. This newest model is designed for merchants requiring a compact countertop POS terminal accepting all magnetic stripe cards and delivering fast online transaction authorizations.




Hypercom Optimum 4100

The Optimum T4100 is truly unique for our industry - the first terminal that cost-effectively combines performance, security, reliability, and ease of use. These elements are the cornerstone of our Optimum family.



Hypercom Wireless

The Optimum M4100 redefines the mobile payment industry by integrating full payment functionality and security into a truly portable, compact design focused on the wireless market.

Its ergonomic form factor makes it user-friendly, so mobile workers will want to use it. The M4100 allows integration with enterprise management systems which enables true workflow automation and transfer of critical transaction information to the customer. The M4100 opens new dimensions of service and new markets by bringing full payment capability to remote Points-of-Service.





The Optimum M2100 is an easy-to-use wireless payment device that offers highly secure, ultra-fast transactions, that allows data transmission from anywhere without the constrictions of wiring. This technology enables customers to take control of the transaction process in a number of new markets, including hospitality, transportation and other mobile merchants. The M2100 can process up to 300 transactions on a single charge, meaning merchants can accept wireless payment. Combined with its 32-bit RISC processor, both magnetic stripe and chip card readers and graphical backlit display, the M2100 is a truly unique combination of performance, security, reliability and ease of use, which is the cornerstone of the Optimum family.




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