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MobileScape 5000





 The Total Wireless, Handheld Payment Processing Solution for Checks and Credit Cards

More and more businesses are recognizing the opportunity presented by, real time, mobile credit card processing.

No more bounced checks! The Mobilescape 5000 is the first wireless, handheld payment processing solution for both checks and credit cards. The rugged Mobilescape terminal enables secure, rapid payment transactions anywhere. It’s easy to use and provides the convenience of accepting both checks and credit cards—all in one unit.

For retailers, mobile merchants, and distributors that collect payments “on the go,” Mobilescape provides flexibility of payment options that improve both customer satisfaction and the bottom line. The affordable Mobilescape solution includes hardware, software, integration services, wireless service, transaction processing, and unbeatable support and maintenance. Mobilescape delivers immediate value to your business by increasing revenues and operational efficiency and by decreasing risk and costs.

  • Reduce Risks by Eliminating Bounced Checks, Lost Checks, and Credit Card Losses
    –  Be absolutely sure about collecting your payments with the appropriate check verification and guarantee subscriptions
    –  Capture and electronically store valid signatures on Mobilescape’s touch screen, minimizing the risks and losses associated with chargebacks
    –  Instantly access stored signatures and receipts online

  • Increase Revenues
    –  Conduct more business by minimizing, or even eliminating, time spent going to the bank to deposit checks
    –  Increase sales—customers tend to spend more when paying by credit card
    –  Significantly lower processing fees with card-present transactions
    –  Improve cash flow by collecting funds faster

  • Improve Operational Efficiency
    –  Eliminate paper receipt management with immediate online account access
    –  Avoid time-consuming trips to the bank to deposit checks
    –  Print customer receipts on the spot
    –  Electronically track tips and invoice numbers

With Mobilescape, accepting payments everywhere frees you to focus on your business, not on collecting payments.

Mobilescape 5000 Advantages

Accept credit cards and checks with one unit
The flexibility of accepting both credit cards and checks improves both customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

Instant Online Account Access
Instant online access eliminates lost credit card imprints, reduces the number of chargebacks and makes funds available faster.

Nationwide Wireless Network
Through our partnership with Sprint Nextel, you’re covered on the PCS wireless network.

Depend on 24 x 7 x 365 Support
Mobilescape users count on our support team to be available 24 x 7 x 365 to answer questions and resolve issues.

Mobilescape Features

  • Complete Wireless Portability
    –  Long-lasting, rechargeable lithium-ion battery
    –  Lightweight and compact

  • Secure Online Access
    –  Can be integrated with popular accounting systems and spreadsheet software
    –  Captures tips and invoice numbers
    –  Captures signatures
    –  Secures all transactions with encrypted coding and password-protected access

  • Easy to Use
    –  Ready to go, right out of the box
    –  Integrated printer for customer receipts
    –  Large, backlit touch screen display




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