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   Englobe provides tailored payment solutions that are smart and responsive to government agency needs. Englobe, supplies government agencies products, outstanding service and solutions to collect revenue while controlling expenditures through the acceptance of electronic payments.

Englobe offers a broad range of payment processing products and services including credit and debit card processing, electronic check verification, and e-government processing.



  Our e-government processing services include:

  • A web-based payment system designed to allow consumers to initiate transactions 24/7, requiring no programming on your part

  • Internet payment solutions providing both speed and security, offering electronic check payment, automatic settlement of transactions, and online reporting.


          City, County, State and Federal Government's can all benifit from our services.






  Englobe, has successfully participated in competitive bidding processes winning many of those bids to provide credit card processing to municipal government, state agencies, and tax collectors.


  • Accept all major Credit Cards
  • Accept Checks
  • Accept all payments securely via our payment network


 Contact an Englobe representative at 1800-642-9633 or by email



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