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   Englobe, provides the conversion of paper checks at the point-of-sale into safe and efficient "electronic checks". By submitting checks through the same system that authorizes credit and debit cards, you can dramatically reduce deposit expense and improve cash flow.

Englobe Electronic Check Service, is simple to use and easy for customers to understand. It supports real-time and batch conversion methods, for point-of-purchase, and accounts receivable conversion processing environments.

Service Options Put You in Control:

Conversion Only

The check authorization message is routed to your customer’s bank or the NCN® check database to determine whether the account is open or closed. (Merchant retain the risk)

Verification with Conversion

Checks are verified at your customer’s bank for sufficient funds or are given an accept or decline decision based on access to the NCN® database. (Merchant retain the risk)

Guarantee with Conversion

Checks are guaranteed for payment. (Merchant assume no risk)

Point-of-Purchase (POP) Conversion

This process occurs in a check present/consumer present environment. The check is passed through the POS system for conversion and is approved or declined, with the voided check handed back to the customer. Settlement occurs electronically, with funds deposited to the business' account, usually within 24-48 hours.

Accounts Receivable Conversion (ARC)

ARC is used for check present/consumer absent transactions, which are typical of receivable payments, mail-order purchases and companies that operate in a drop-box environment. These businesses want the efficiency of electronic processing to reduce costs and improve the timeliness of deposits. Customers are provided a notice explaining that checks will be processed electronically.

Check payments will be processed in a matter of seconds with the electronic conversion options available on the Global Check® Network. The conversion to electronic checks means you'll have more time to concentrate on your business or other needs.

Special Premium Programs:

Englobe, offers several special programs and premiums designed to meet the needs of specific businesses and industries. These premium enhancements may be added to our basic service. Please see the service agreement for complete details.


COD PREMIUM- Before you send out an order, authorize the check with us, then send out the order and collect the check knowing it's guaranteed. With this premium, your customers will be able to pay with a check-the preferred non-cash method of payment


PARTIAL PAYMENT PREMIUM- Give customers the option to pay by check and any other payment method: cash, credit card, debit card, whatever your store accepts. This premium may be just the edge you need to increase sales and customer satisfaction.


MULTIPLE CHECK PREMIUM- This check payment solution allows you to accept 2-4 checks from a customer to be deposited over a specified period of time. The checks are guaranteed up to the total maximum approval amount.


DISPUTED STOP PAYMENT PREMIUM- Need protection against Disputed Stop Payment returns? Check out other programs and you'll find they don't cover disputes. We do! Our coverage includes reimbursement on Disputed Stop Payments, often the most difficult to collect on.



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