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Credit and Debit / ATM Card Processing Rates


     These are the basic qualified merchant account rates, please consult an account executive and we'll walk you through all rates and fees which may apply.



Credit Card Processing Industry Rates EnGlobe®
+ Application Fee $95-$250 FREE

Qualified Debit

Check Cards Rates

1.39% - 1.55% .99%
+ Qualified Credit Card Rates 1.79% - 1.99% .25%
+ Discover / AMEX Setup $25-$50 FREE
+ Transaction Fee 25-35 cents 7 cents
+ Statement Fee $10-$20/month $0.00* /month



  Watch out! Many merchant account providers advertise rates that are incredibly low. If the rates look too good to be true, they probably are! Don’t be fooled by bogus “introductory” rates that shoot up after 60 days. Look closely. Make sure that the rate quoted is for credit cards, not debit cards (they always have lower rates.)



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