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ATM Machines


  Lease state of the art ATM Machines form an industry leader. Don't turn your customers away.

Explore how the benefits of having an ATM machine can increase profitability and customer traffic.

Become an Englobe, ATM business partner.


  • Builds Traffic – You provide existing and new customers a convenience to access more cash in your business.
  • Builds Sales – Customers with the access to additional cash from their checking, savings or credit card accounts, tend to spend more cash. You can instantly reap the benefits of increased sales.
  • Provides Competitive Advantage – Keep customers in your business
  •  Cash paying customers speed up cash register sales, lowers labor costs per customer transaction and provides more satisfied customers. It also reduces credit card processing charges.

Benefits for your Customers:

  • Convenience – Customers can access cash and spend it while they stay your business.
  • Safety – With the increase of crime against ATM users, customers appreciate the additional safety offered by an ATM in an attended location.

Leasing option:

  Our automated teller machine leasing program is superior to any financing you will find from banks or other financial institutions. Many banks will only lend money short term, usually 12 to 36 months. Our automated teller machine leasing program allows you to extend your term up to 60 months. Our longer term ATM leasing program means that you will have a lower monthly payment. This low payment will be fixed and easy to include in your budget. The best part of our leasing program is that at the end of your lease you will have options. At the end of your lease the Englobe, leasing program gives you the opportunity to purchase automated teller machines, upgrade to new machine, or continue to lease at substantial savings. If you have any questions about our ATM leasing program, do not hesitate to contact us by email, fax or phone.

10. Use of the ATM
Leasing provides you with the use of the ATM for an agreed upon monthly payment. So you're able to pay as you use!
9. Tax Benefits
You can deduct your monthly lease payment as an operating expense. And leasing helps you avoid the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) by reducing your AMT tax liability.
8. Flexibility
You can structure payments to fit your budget.
7. 100% Cost Coverage
You can include "soft" costs such as shipping, software and installation right in the lease.
6. Easier Cash Flow 
Fixed monthly payments help you budget money into the future.
5. Fixed Payments
You can lock-in payments now.and avoid the risk of inflation in the future.
4. Preserves Credit
Leasing doesn't tie up your line of credit, so you have more capital at your disposal when you need it.
3. Longer Terms
Many banks only lend money short term, usually 12 to 36 months. Leasing lets you extend your term up to 60 months!
2. Purchase or Renewal
At the end of your lease, you may choose to purchase your ATM, upgrade to new ATM or continue to lease at substantial savings.
1. Conservation of Capital
If your money isn't tied up in ATM costs, you're free to spend it on other items such as inventory, advertising, or personnel.


  Faced with the high cost of fuel, escalating credit card fees and market competition, retail merchants who are looking for ways to increase their in-store sales should look no further than their own ATM. When considering options for in-store advertising and opportunities for generating additional revenue, the ATM is actually the most cost-effective and easiest place to start.

ATMs are an excellent and often overlooked source for advertising and cross-selling opportunities through advanced functions such as scheduled ad graphics, branding and printed coupons. By utilizing these distinct ATM features, retailers can easily promote their in-store specials and increase purchase volume on any store item.










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