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  If you are a retail merchant, we promise you the lowest available credit card processing rates in the country and/or we will beat or meet your current processing rate. We will need to see your merchant statements for the last one month as proof of your current rate. Upon physical receipt via FAX of the monthly statements and verification of the information contained therein, we will call you and offer you the same or a better rate.

As an added benefit to the best processing rates around, you can always count on Englobe, to provide you with quality credit card processing equipment, supplies, and software from manufacturers that are leaders in the payment processing industry. We offer equipment that best suits your specific needs at cost savings that will best suit your budget. Call Tel. 800-642-9632 and speak with one of our account support specialists. Ask yourself - Is taking one minute of your time to save thousands of dollars worth the effort? Call today!!!

Don't lose another sale because you don't take credit cards. Online and mail order businesses that don't offer shoppers a credit card payment option lose over 80% of their impulse sales. Accepting credit cards will give your customers the confidence to order without hesitation. Englobe will assign to you one of our experienced account specialists who will carefully walk you through the simple process of becoming a credit card merchant.


1. The merchant will slide the customer's card through the credit card terminal and enter the amount. The terminal will then dial a toll free number and connect to Englobe's processor for authorization. Once the terminal has connected it will send the credit card information and amount of the purchase.

2. Englobe's processor will pass that information onto the bank that issued the credit card. The issuing bank will then check to see if the card is valid and if the amount requested is available on the card and set aside the amount of the purchase for the merchant.

3. The issuing bank will send back an approval number or a decline message back to Englobe's processor.

4. That information will then be passed back to the credit card terminal which will print a receipt for the customer to sign if the card is approved. It will take approximately 12-15 seconds to complete steps 1-4.

5. At the end of the day the merchant may manually "settle" their terminal which will begin the final process of the transaction. In most cases Englobe can automatically settle the transactions at a specified time each day. Once the settlement process is initiated the funds will be transferred from the card issuing bank and Englobe will electronically deposit them into the merchant's checking account. It typically takes1-2 business days from the time of the original transaction for the funds to reach the merchant's checking account.









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