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     Englobe brings credit card solutions to merchants within the independent petroleum markets as well as swipe retailers that require the ability to take the Voyager® and Wright Express Fleet Cards. Through Concord EFS and Bypass we bring all of the major credit cards and the Voyager and Wright Express Fleet Cards to the pump. We assist pump vendors in the download or fire-up process as well as research necessary technical solutions for all equipment types.

We understand more than anyone the technical challenges that face the independent gas station market. We have developed a sales program to enable your organization to bring this solution to the marketplace.


   A new market within the Merchant Service Industry is an exciting development. We can bring the necessary tools to merchants including:



· VSAT with Hughes Network Systems

· Pay at the Pump

· Proprietary Cards 

· Gift Cards

· Voyager

· Wright Express

· Competitive Rates


   We provide pay at the pump credit card processing to all independent gas stations. We are one of the few independent processors that can bring you all of the major credit cards, debit, Voyager and Wright Express Fleet Cards to the pumps.

VSAT with Hughes Network Systems

   We provide access to VSAT purchasing or leasing through Concord EFS and Hughes. We can completely accommodate all un-branded VSAT installations.

Swiped Retail

  We provide credit card processing for all of the major cards, debit, Voyager and Wright Express Fleet Cards on the following swipe terminal types:


Equipment Options:           


   Nurit in Store Cash Register              Outside Card Swipe                  Topaz System.



  Ruby Super Pos                                Hypercom Ice5700                  Verifone 3300  





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