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Financial Instutions

EASY BANK™  Program Benefits for Financial Institutions

Englobe, provides a tailored processing program that allows you to offer your customers state-of-the-art products and service. Equipment deployment, training, customer service and settlement all remain the responsibility of Englobe. Fee income generated by your portfolio is not lost in operational expenditures. Simply stated, the EASY BANK™ Program provides your financial institution a 100% turnkey merchant-processing program without liability and provides ongoing fee income immediately. The program also focuses on securing merchants, the overall customer relationship, and potentially generating new lending opportunities for your financial institution. With the EB Program, the benefits to your institution include:

  • Increased sales                                                               
  • Improved cash flow                                                  
  • Lower risk
  • Easy program training and installation                      
  • Dedicated sales force                                                       
  • Product determination
  • Financial reporting
  • Equipment options

Benefits for Your Customers

The EASY BANK™ Program offers a fully integrated processing service for your merchants’ electronic payment activity. Your customers want to increase sales, cash flow and profits. The SUCCESS Program can help them reach those goals.

Our merchant package includes a complete array of services:

  • Program determination
  • Installation
  • Point-of-sale authorization
  • Electronic draft capture
  • Deposit processing
  • Customer service







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