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Delivering Payment Solutions Worldwide          







  • Accept Personal and Business Checks without risk
  • Issue  Gift Cards - Pre-Paid Services Pre-Paid Reloadable Credit Cards  
  • Issue Cash via ATM cash dispensing machine 24/7
  • See our new credit and debit cards processing RATES for 2016


Encourage additional purchases, increase customer spending potential and repeat business by offering Gift-Loyalty Cards.

Process online card-present and card-not-present payment transactions quickly and safely, with easy integration into your existing payment systems.

Have integrated equipment solutions. Get access to advanced Point-of-Sale terminal equipment.

Get online account access and reporting for all electronic transactions: View and download transaction data and reports 24/7 view monthly merchant statements.

Access personal support from local representatives face to face. Reduce fraud and deliver more profit to your bottom line.

Get 100% Equipment Lease Finance on business equipment. Get up to $100,000.00 business loan with no income verification. We will finance any business up to $ 5,000,000.00


Products & Services


  • Processing Of Visa® MasterCard® AMEX® Discover® Carte Blanche® Diners® JCB® and private label.
  • Online PIN–based debit transactions require no signature, reduce transaction time, and reduce charge-backs and fraud.
  • EBT – Electronic Benefits Transfer adds revenue and reduces fraud while benefiting you and your customers.
  • Gift Cards – Increase customer loyalty and add new revenue.
  • Purchasing Cards – Level 2 & 3 for enhanced business to business solutions.
  • ATM -- Choose from a range of cash dispensing terminals. Make an extra $ 300.00 to $ 2000.00 monthly for your business.
  • Bill Payments -- Pay bills electronically or at 100's of agent locations
  • Check services – Reducing your risks from fraudulent and returned checks.


Custom Connectivity & Settlement Services


  • Dial, wireless, VPN, IP over dial, leased line, frame relay and VPN
  • Internet gateway connectivity for e–commerce solutions
  • Settlement services (including next day funding*)

In addition to processing your card transactions, we also provide the following services to our clients:


  • Customized connectivity & authorization solutions
  • Web–based reporting
  • E–commerce solutions
  • Interchange management
  • Settlement and funding
  • Chargeback and dispute resolution
  • Exception processing
  • Training
  • Compliance
  • Custom programming
  • Fraud loss management
  • Terminal deployment
  • Customer support
  • Technical support
  • Transaction research

Select your type of business and compare the solutions best suited for your industry        


  • Restaurant– quick service (where the customer pays when ordering), casual dining, and fine dining

  • E-Commerce– merchants who sell products or services online

  • Salons, Cab Service Etc.- service businesses that commonly receive tips, such as salons and taxi/limo services

  • Mail/Phone Order-

          merchants who do business           exclusively through mail           order or phone order

  • Retail– convenience and grocery stores, boutiques and all other retail Merchants


  • Hospitality- bed & breakfasts, inns, motels  hotels and lodging
  • Professionals– doctors, accountants, consultants and other professionals

  •  Mobile -Wireless trade Shows, flea markets, cabs service, farmers markets and mobile sales etc.        

       Englobe provides tailored     payment solutions that are smart and responsive to government agencies


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